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Notes: Your Blog Title Must Contain the article Keyword/Keywords (For the sake of this tutorial “sample blog” is the article’s focus keyword) an be no longer than 55 Characters.

Permalink. Before publishing the article, please modify the permalink when necessary. Remove “the, to, it, for, a” words and only keeping the key phrases of the title in the permalink. 

 Always add a category for your blog. Tags are no longer required.

Notes: A blog that is written for SEO must have a minimum of 300 words. Please use the keyword/ keyword phrase (e.g sample blog) in your blog text 2 times, always once in the first paragraph. Also be sure to add link to another page on this website or link to an external website.

Here is an excellent article written by professional SEOs with a step-by-step, checklist of best practices. 

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Don’t forget to fill in the “Yoast SEO” Box Below. Here is a checklist for filling in this section.


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